“The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.”

“Our life is what our thoughts make it.”

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


Stress management and positive thinking

Stress management and good quality sleep are essential parts of a healthy lifestyle. Most importantly, our food, what you put into your body every day, also has an enormous effect on your mind as well.

When recovering from an illness, it is important to go through all stress factors that might have been in the background as one of the initial reasons for illness. It is good to try to find ways to manage them, either by yourself with good stress management measures, or with professional help which is often available.

Positive outlook on life is important and something that is very easy to practice yourself also. Good diet is the basis as it has a very calming effect on our mind, but it is good to actively practice positive thinking too. All the time.

The more I read about one of my favourite subjects which is mind and how our mind works, the more I come to realise how little we actually understand about the importance of our mind and our thoughts, and their enormous effect on our health and our whole lives and the health and lives of people around us, our families. Thoughts are very real and very physical. You can actually change the structure of your brain with your thoughts. When you hope for something or enjoy something, you are transforming your brain towards a positive direction.

Even science have proven during the last decades what we already all know; positive and content people are the healthiest and live longer compared to pessimistic people. Positive mind prevents illnesses and speeds up recovery from illness whereas negativity, depression and aggressiveness do just the opposite.

For me, nature is very important. Walking in the nature helps so many people manage stress. Even just for a short time in the woods or on the beach for example. This is why I have always found it important to regularly go outdoors with my family and children. Gardening is also very relaxing. Even in small gardens and balconies, it is possible to have a small herb garden for example to look after.

When trying to manage stress, focus on yourself. What makes you feel good and try to arrange time for those activities. For example arrange peaceful time, walk, read book, meet friends for lunch, do gardening, practice yoga, have a relaxing bath, be positive. Try a proper media-fast on a regular basis, by not reading papers or internet and turn off your TV.

Clean your house thoroughly. Not only is that perfect exercise, but you feel much better in a clean, calming environment. Through away, donate or recycle all the unused belongings, clothes, toys and any clutter you don’t need. You can try to bring in fresh herbs, other plants or flowers. I personally like natural candles, such as beeswax candles to clean the air as well as essential oils to bring in lovely and calming scent. I use these oils every day.

Even when you are battling serious illness, remember that the power of mind is incredible. Always try to stay positive, never lose hope and be good. Focus on you life. Are you living your life well, do you have a good life and if not, what can you do to make it better. Focus on the most important things in your life. This will help you in your healing process.


Sleep well

Good quality sleep is very important for health. There is no function in our body where lack of sleep would not have an effect on. Insomnia is unfortunately very common. Good diet low in carbohydrates seem to help many as the quality of sleep is better. You often need less sleep and still wake up feeling that you have had a very good rest. I could not find much information about sleep and sugar, but my experience is that low carb diet has been very effective in helping to sleep better and enjoy better quality sleep. I know that snoring or sleep apnea improve dramatically with low carb diet, so it makes sense that the overall quality of sleep is better. I also find that calming down with yoga or breathing helps to sleep well. Make sure you turn of all the electronic devices including your phone well before bedtime and just enjoy a good book instead before bed.




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