Home made stock


Did you try making stock from your leftover turkey? Our stock from our gorgeous free range turkey turned out to be so good we had to buy another turkey, just to make more stock. Of course course we will enjoy good meals also, but can’t wait to have more of this stock. We add it to everything from our warming vegetable curries to stews and different soups. Home made stock contains loads of important minerals for your body and also very important gelatine and amino acids for collagen production for your skin, nails, hairs and joints. It is also good for the gut. It turns jelly-like when cooled, because of all the gelatine. Super healthy food.

All you need to do, is to place all the left over bones into a large saucepan, cover with water. Add an onion, chopped into quarters, and a carrot, chopped into large chunks, a few pepper corns, bay leaf and a drizzle of apple cider vinegar. Carefully bring to boil, and then simmer in low heat, very carefully, for a few hours. Pour through a sieve and cool.

Healthy year 2019


Join me to ensure healthier and happier new year 2019! My blog will be updating regularly with good information about healthy food, comfortable exercise and tips for stress management, all extremely important for our health.

You will get

-information about how food affects us and our health, what dietary changes to do to stay healthy

-recipe ideas for nutritious, low carb, sugar free cooking, such as sugar and gluten free baking, and lovely smoothies

-encouragement and tips for healthy exercise

-information about important supplements you most likely need

-articles about the power of mind in wellbeing


Thank you for being here! I will do my best to help you stay healthy. I am also looking forward to hearing any feedback, wishes or suggestions you might have, please contact me at goodlifeandfood@gmail.com.



Happiness and health for 2019


Look after the most important person of your life, yourself. Take good care of both your mind and your body. Eat well, stay active, but remember not to forget your mental health and emotions. They need looking after. There are many negative elements around us everyday, you might notice it in the news, hear it in the radio or see it around you in every day life. Don’t let it get you down, but concentrate on all the good around you! You can make an effort to eliminate all that grey and negative from your life and add more colour. Increase vibrant, lovely colours in everything, in your expressions, look, words that you speak, what you do or wear, what you eat. Add more love, laughter, good thoughts, words and light in to every day of 2019. Make it a better year for you and your family!

Go sugar free


Thinking about starting a new, healthier life in the new year?

I keep saying this, but it is so true, so again this Christmas I keep reminding many of my patients about it again; don’t eat sugar at all, go completely sugar-free! That is the absolute best thing for your health you can do, and it is not even difficult. In my experience it takes about 2 weeks to get used to not having any sugar and after that, you don’t even miss it. In fact, you will probably wonder how you could ever eat sugar in the first place. This has worked for me, many of my patients and my children also.

Here is what to do:

Don’t eat any sugar at all. Remember to check those labels if you have any ready made foods such as salad dressings at home, but the best thing to do is to cook your own food from scratch. That way you know what you eat.

No artificial sweeteners either. They are not only very unhealthy, but if you are trying to get used to non-sweet foods, unfortunately artificial sweeteners, just like natural sweeteners also,  will only encourage those sweet cravings and make it more difficult for you to forget about sweet foods.

No high fructose fruit such as pineapples or grapes or any dried fruit. Consuming high amounts of fructose is not healthy, even when it is from fruit. While is is perfectly ok to enjoy sensible amount of highly nutritious berries or domestic apples or plums, try not to consume to many of other fruit too often.

No alcohol.


Instead, introduce nutritious foods such as smoothies or green juices into your daily diet. Make sure you eat well, real nutritious food, plenty of greens and lots of good fats.


Why sugar free?

Sugar is very addictive, so it will take a little while to get over it. However, it is so much worth it! You will feel much better. Sugar has a direct effect on your mood and quality of sleep. Read more about it here. Cancer cells feed on sugar, so a diet high in sugar can stimulate tumour growth. Being sugar free is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Sugar causes enormous stress on your liver. Most people are not aware of the fact that fructose in ordinary sugar is metabolised in the liver the same way alcohol is, and it has the same effect on liver as alcohol, it causes fatty liver and insulin resistance.

I am not recommending a sugar-free challenge for a week or two, but I think sugar is simply dangerous. There is no safe about of sugar. Sugar should not be consumed at all. The only sugar we occasionally consume in my family is raw local honey and maple syrup, in small quantities only.  If you miss sweetness in your baking or cooking, grated apple, or natural stevia are also good choices. You don’t need sugar and you feel better without it.






Every winter it always seems to be a surprise to see again how dark it is every day and how hard it is sometimes to get used to it. It is only on a very sunny day that we actually realise how much we miss the sunlight and how difficult it sometimes is to live in the darkness of the wintertime. Darkness affects different people in different ways, some of us find this time of year extremely hard to cope with, where as others don’t seem too bothered. I am one of those who, even though I miss those sunny days and more light terribly, I try to find all the positive in all this darkness also. On most days, I try to enjoy those cozy evenings at home in front of a fire place or in candle light.

Yesterday was the darkest day of the year, so the good news is that today, we have started to go towards the light again. Each day is going to be slightly longer than the day before, slowly, but surely. Spring is on it’s way! While waiting, in addition to candles, we can try and bring some more light in our homes with bright colours, such as flowers, or have fresh lemons and bright coloured herbs in visible in our kitchens. It will make all the difference.



The power of mind


Your mind is extremely powerful. What you are thinking is what is happening around you, whether it is positive or negative. Also when fighting illness and strengthening your immune system it is important to learn positive thinking, try and stay positive. Try to do things that make you calm and happy and  spend time with people than make you feel good and create a warm, loving and safe environment with you.

Your mind and body are in a very close contact. Constant stress, negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs can make you ill, both physically and mentally. Good, warm relationships, happiness, gratitude and love are feelings do the opposite, and they can start the healing process if you are ill. Do you have positive thoughts about health filling your mind or negative thoughts about the illness. The body has the strength to recover if you give it the right tools, if you believe in health and recovery even when the situation if very difficult.

Dr. Kelly Taylor (author of Radical Remission) noticed that people who have spontaneously recovered from even the most aggressive cancer had something in common. Dr Taylor made a list of  nine significant changes all these people had made in their lives. Most of those nine changes were about mind and positive thinking, These included taking responsibility of own health, learning to listen to intuition, releasing suppressed emotions, increasing positive emotions,  embracing support and help from others and deepening natural spiritualism.

In staying positive, one of the most important things is being good to yourself,  understanding and forgiving yourself. Filling your mind with good, positive thoughts. Start by practicing positive thinking today, at home, work, sitting in your car in traffic jam, everywhere. Don’t think about the past, or worry about the future. Don’t accuse anybody or anything. Try to understand that life or other people are not the problem, don’t try to look for others to blame, but learn that everything is in your mind, how you see things and react to them. Be good to yourself and others.

The benefits of sage


I love using different herbs in my cooking because of their many health benefits, and they also taste great of course. It is easy to grow them too, so that you have some herbs to hand all the time.

Sage is one of my favourites. It has been considered to be an important healing herb for thousands of years and has been an essential ingredient in traditional medicine such as Ayurvedic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. Sage contains large amounts of vitamins and nutrients, so it is a powerful antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties. It has been used to treat infections and pain, but also for memory enhancement, hence sage benefits still include helping with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Sage tea has been used to relieve problems with digestion or diarrhoea.

Today sage is mainly used to spice up meat dishes, such as sausages, soups, chops and stock. It adds a nice, slightly peppery, savoury tastes to dishes. It is quite strong, so best to be used sparingly, especially if using dried sage.  Sage can also be added to melted butter served on top of meat dishes or vegetables for example, or stir fried quickly for a garnish.

In addition to cooking, sage is still used as medicinal herb too. It is said to help with hormonal problems during menopause by preventing excess sweating and calming down hot flashes. It helps to lower blood sugar too. Because of it’s antiseptic properties, sage also relieves sore throat, mouth ulcers, cough and common cold. Simply add a teaspoon of sage leaves in half a cup of water for 30 minutes and gargle.

Also the essential oil of sage is used in cough mixtures. However, while the herb itself is safe to consume, the essential oil of sage is very powerful, so can only be used in moderation this way and it is not recommended for pregnant women.

Sage is very easy to grow, just needs full sun and good soil. The benefits of growing sage in your garden include controlling garden pests and attracting pollinators. You can also burn small amount of sage which is said to calm and improve mood.

Spicy shakshuka


Perfect Sunday lunch yesterday, spicy shakshuka, or mediterranean eggs. This really is a delicious meal and very easy to make.

Mediterranean eggs for three

You’ll need onion, red pepper, 1-2 cloves of garlic, small red chili, tin of crushed tomatoes, 3 eggs, paprika, salt and pepper, and grated cheese and fresh parsley to go on top.

Chop the onion, pepper and chili. Heat a large frying pan and add a good mount of olive oil. Saute the onion first for 5 min, add the pepper and continue for 5 min. Then add the garlic and cili, continue for a few minutes and add the tomatoes. Season well and simmer for 15-20 minutes, until the sauce is thicker. Make three small wholes into the mixture with a spoon and break the eggs, one into each whole. Cover the pan with a lid and simmer for another 5 minutes, until the egg white is cooked, but the yolk still runny. Sprinkle with grated cheese and drizzle of olive oil and some fresh herbs according to your taste.

What kind of fat should I eat


Fat is the most important part of your diet. Don’t ever cut out fat. Fat does not make you fat at all, but fat contains energy and many micronutrient absolutely essential for your body.

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the healthiest fats we have. However, here has been lots of worries over the quality of extra virgin olive oil. Many of the imported brands have actually not been extra virgin oil at all. The quality of olive oil is very important. You need to invest in a good, cold pressed olive oil.

Coconut oil is also very healthy. It has been found to significantly raise HDL cholesterol to protect your heart.

Butter is also a part of a healthy diet. Grass fed butter in particular contains vitamin K2, very important vitamin for heart disease.

After finding out about my parents experience in losing weight and reaching a much better health by eating these “bad” foods year ago, I wanted to find out more. I found quite a few doctors treating their patients suffering from diabetes with low carb diets that contains enough of meat and natural fats. Cholesterol levels of these people were always good after switching to eating cheese and butter instead of vegetable oils. Most people had extremely good HDL cholesterol levels and their triglyceride levels were very low, below 1. An ideal situation for your overall health. There were also numerous of studies about this pointing towards completely different direction compared to what I most of us believed to be the case. Natural fats really are health food.

Fat is actually a very important part of our diet, probably the most important. Many of the essential nutrients and vitamins cannot be digested unless we have enough fat in our food. Fat is a very important components of the cellular structures and membranes. The food pyramid as an instruction of how we should be eating has been a disaster. Not just cholesterol and health, but our fear of fat has also been because we have thought that dietary fat makes us fat. The truth is just the opposite.

It is very important to avoid refined vegetable oils and margarines. In short, they require high processing to produce, their omega 3-6 ratio is very poor and cooking with them in high heat creates dangerous by products harmful for our health. 

Both omega 3 and omega 6 are important, but so is their balance in the body. Too much of either will cause problems. Refined vegetable oils contain too much omega 6, especially fatty acid called linoleic acid which causes inflammation in the body. We tend to get too little of omega 3 which is why it is important to ensure you get enough. The best sources are oily fish and eggs. Farmed fish is not a good source of omega 3, neither is the plant based alternatives.

Lauric acid is an effective natural antibiotic, found mainly in coconut oil and butter. It reduces inflammation effectively. Omega 7 present in olive oil, products made of milk from free range cows, such as good cheese, egg yolks, oily fish and avocado is quite a superset also.

Eat lots of olive oil, butter, cheese and yoghurt made from free range cow’s milk, fatty meat like lamb, coconut oil, nuts and seeds.

Home-made coleslaw


If you are having a barbecue this weekend, why not try this easy and delicious home-made coleslaw. All you need is cabbage, some red onion, (carrot if you like), creme fraiche, lemon, salt and pepper.

The best cabbage for the slaw is fresh spring cabbage. Cut it into very thin slices. Place the cabbage into a sieve or colander and rinse with cold water. Then bring a kettle-full of water into boil and once boiling, pour over the cabbage. Rinse again with cold water. The boiling water will soften the cabbage slightly, but not too much. Make sure you drain the cabbage very well.

Slice the red onion too and mix with the cabbage. Add some grated carrot if you like. Then, 1-2 tbsp of creme fraiche, a dash of lemon juice, salt and pepper.

This coleslaw tastes great with pork chops or sausages too.