Go sugar free


Thinking about starting a new, healthier life in the new year?

I keep saying this, but it is so true, so again this Christmas I keep reminding many of my patients about it again; don’t eat sugar at all, go completely sugar-free! That is the absolute best thing for your health you can do, and it is not even difficult. In my experience it takes about 2 weeks to get used to not having any sugar and after that, you don’t even miss it. In fact, you will probably wonder how you could ever eat sugar in the first place. This has worked for me, many of my patients and my children also.

Here is what to do:

Don’t eat any sugar at all. Remember to check those labels if you have any ready made foods such as salad dressings at home, but the best thing to do is to cook your own food from scratch. That way you know what you eat.

No artificial sweeteners either. They are not only very unhealthy, but if you are trying to get used to non-sweet foods, unfortunately artificial sweeteners, just like natural sweeteners also,  will only encourage those sweet cravings and make it more difficult for you to forget about sweet foods.

No high fructose fruit such as pineapples or grapes or any dried fruit. Consuming high amounts of fructose is not healthy, even when it is from fruit. While is is perfectly ok to enjoy sensible amount of highly nutritious berries or domestic apples or plums, try not to consume to many of other fruit too often.

No alcohol.


Instead, introduce nutritious foods such as smoothies or green juices into your daily diet. Make sure you eat well, real nutritious food, plenty of greens and lots of good fats.


Why sugar free?

Sugar is very addictive, so it will take a little while to get over it. However, it is so much worth it! You will feel much better. Sugar has a direct effect on your mood and quality of sleep. Read more about it here. Cancer cells feed on sugar, so a diet high in sugar can stimulate tumour growth. Being sugar free is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Sugar causes enormous stress on your liver. Most people are not aware of the fact that fructose in ordinary sugar is metabolised in the liver the same way alcohol is, and it has the same effect on liver as alcohol, it causes fatty liver and insulin resistance.

I am not recommending a sugar-free challenge for a week or two, but I think sugar is simply dangerous. There is no safe about of sugar. Sugar should not be consumed at all. The only sugar we occasionally consume in my family is raw local honey and maple syrup, in small quantities only.  If you miss sweetness in your baking or cooking, grated apple, or natural stevia are also good choices. You don’t need sugar and you feel better without it.




Published by goodlifeandfood

Warm welcome to my blog. I’m Hanna, a nurse and also very passioned about healthy nutritious food and how it affects our overall health and wellbeing, both physical and mental. Eating right is the most important thing you can do to stay healthy. Not just cutting down sugar, grains and excess carbohydrates, but also choosing nutritious and good quality foods, such as good vegetables, berries, herbs and spices, is extremely important. I try not to forget stress management and healthy exercise either.

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