The power of mind


Your mind is extremely powerful. What you are thinking is what is happening around you, whether it is positive or negative. Also when fighting illness and strengthening your immune system it is important to learn positive thinking, try and stay positive. Try to do things that make you calm and happy and  spend time with people than make you feel good and create a warm, loving and safe environment with you.

Your mind and body are in a very close contact. Constant stress, negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs can make you ill, both physically and mentally. Good, warm relationships, happiness, gratitude and love are feelings do the opposite, and they can start the healing process if you are ill. Do you have positive thoughts about health filling your mind or negative thoughts about the illness. The body has the strength to recover if you give it the right tools, if you believe in health and recovery even when the situation if very difficult.

Dr. Kelly Taylor (author of Radical Remission) noticed that people who have spontaneously recovered from even the most aggressive cancer had something in common. Dr Taylor made a list of  nine significant changes all these people had made in their lives. Most of those nine changes were about mind and positive thinking, These included taking responsibility of own health, learning to listen to intuition, releasing suppressed emotions, increasing positive emotions,  embracing support and help from others and deepening natural spiritualism.

In staying positive, one of the most important things is being good to yourself,  understanding and forgiving yourself. Filling your mind with good, positive thoughts. Start by practicing positive thinking today, at home, work, sitting in your car in traffic jam, everywhere. Don’t think about the past, or worry about the future. Don’t accuse anybody or anything. Try to understand that life or other people are not the problem, don’t try to look for others to blame, but learn that everything is in your mind, how you see things and react to them. Be good to yourself and others.

Published by goodlifeandfood

Warm welcome to my blog. I’m Hanna, a nurse and also very passioned about healthy nutritious food and how it affects our overall health and wellbeing, both physical and mental. Eating right is the most important thing you can do to stay healthy. Not just cutting down sugar, grains and excess carbohydrates, but also choosing nutritious and good quality foods, such as good vegetables, berries, herbs and spices, is extremely important. I try not to forget stress management and healthy exercise either.

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