Ditch pills to beat heart disease?  

“Consultant cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra and Professor Dame Sue Bailey made the call in a manifesto for change. IN 2013, Dr. Malhotra wrote in the British Medical Journal that saturated fat was not responsible for heart disease, it was instead driven by sugar and starchy foods such as bread, pasta, rice and potatoes. It made internationalContinue reading “Ditch pills to beat heart disease?  “

Saturday barbecue menu, home-made kebabs and lemon cheesecake

It wanted to post these photos just to show you how so very simple a delicious meal can be. My teenagers organised a small barbecue with friends yesterday. The menu contained lamb and chicken kebabs with two types of home-made sauces, chili and garlic sauce. They also had some good quality sausages and a bigContinue reading “Saturday barbecue menu, home-made kebabs and lemon cheesecake”

Why proper nutrition is so important when fighting against cancer

Cancer is understood to always start from a single stem cell, not just any cell. The cause for a stem cell to turn into a cancer cell is likely to  be caused by chronic inflammation in the body. Cancer treatment works effectively agains the tumour, but have no effect on the stem cell and itContinue reading “Why proper nutrition is so important when fighting against cancer”

Butter health benefits

If you care about your health, you do not eat margarine. All artificial man-made fats are unhealthy, as explained before.  It has been proven that there is absolutely no association between saturated fat like butter and cardiovascular disease. Unlike margarine, butter does not clog you arteries, but is actually very good for you. Don’t believeContinue reading “Butter health benefits”

How sugar affects your mind

It is obvious that the consumption of sugar is absolutely massive everywhere in the western world. Since returning to the UK though, we did notice that it seems to be even worse here than elsewhere in Europe. Everyone eats so much sugar, all the time, from breakfast cereals to ready made meals, everything packed withContinue reading “How sugar affects your mind”