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Like many experts, who know about all the benefits of low carbohydrate diet, say; fat is your friend. It is the healthy source of energy in your diet. Choosing natural, healthy fats and always avoiding all artificial fats such as margarines and rapeseed, sunflower, corn and similar oils is just as important as avoiding sugar and grains, and eating organic, clean vegetables and berries.

These highly processed fats are common everywhere. You can find them in all readymade foods as they are much cheaper than good healthy fats and so almost always used in manufacturing. Unfortunately many restaurants have turned to using these types of very unhealthy fats too. Numerous of advertisements support the claims that these fats are healthy, of course, so you would continue to buy them. Unfortunately these claims are not true at all. When looking closer into the subject you can actually find that real science and studies do not back these claims up at all.


Unlike natural fats like butter or extra virgin olive oil,  vegetable oils and margarines made from rapeseed, soya, corn and sunflower cannot be made in a natural way, but quite extensive chemical process is necessary to make these oils and margarines look like they do in bottles and cartons they are sold in. There is plenty of information about the manufacturing processes of these fats. Not only are margaritas and these oils processed factory “foods”, more and more of them are made with GMO crops that have been treated with harsh pesticides. Goodness knows the effect these chemicals have on us. These fats are one of the most processed part of a modern diet follower buy so many people today. Still, even today, there are lot of claims around, that these fats are healthy, mainly in paid advertisements, of course. These fats are everywhere from ready made foods to salad dressings and mayonnaise, even nuts and seed are roasted in vegetable oils before roasting. If these fats were healthy, we should all be very healthy in the UK and the whole western world, but like we know, the reality is something completely different.

Our bodies need different fats for many different processes. Saturated fats are the main source of energy and as a harder fat it supports the structure of cells and tissues. Saturated fat is very stable and it doesn’t oxidise the same way other fats do.

Polyunsaturated fats are also important as they contain both omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. But what is even more important, is the ratio between these fatty acids. The natural ratio between omega 3 and omega 6 should be 1:1. When your diet mainly contains omega 6 fatty acids, these ratio is not correct, which will lead to problems such as inflammation, cancer, heart disease and bowel problems. Diet mainly based on grain and vegetable fats is the main reason for many allergies and other autoimmune diseases. There is clear evidence about this, however, it is rarely talked about, because of the power food industries have. Human body needs very small amounts of polyunsaturated fats and should get them by eating animal based foods, like fish. Vegetable oils are nothing but harmful.


When you want to eat healthy, don’t eat these fats. Rapeseed oil,  soya oil, vegetable oil/vegetable fat, peanut oil, sunflower oil,  margarine, baking margarines and shortenings, mixtures of butter and vegetable oils, store-bought mayonnaise, any products made with vegetable fats such as fake creams or fake cheese. You will feel much better.

Always choose natural fats like butter, goose fat, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, fatty fish and fatty free range meat. Unfortunately animals that are fed vegetable oils, soya or grains are not healthy as too much omega 6 will affect the quality of their fat. The best way to ensure healthy meat is to choose organic and free range, or game whenever you can. This is why farmed fish is also an unhealthy choice. If you tolerate dairy, choose good cheeses, unpasteurised if possible and thick cream.

Olive oil consists mainly of oleic acid which is completely different to other vegetable oils. Approximately 40% of the fat of human body is oleic acid. Oleic acid is safe and healthy and much more stable than polyunsaturated fats. It is also a good source of energy, like saturated fats.


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Warm welcome to my blog. I’m Hanna, a nurse and also very passioned about healthy nutritious food and how it affects our overall health and wellbeing, both physical and mental. Eating right is the most important thing you can do to stay healthy. Not just cutting down sugar, grains and excess carbohydrates, but also choosing nutritious and good quality foods, such as good vegetables, berries, herbs and spices, is extremely important. I try not to forget stress management and healthy exercise either.

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