Why it is important to avoid sugar


There is absolutely no reason to eat sugar. Ever. It contains no nutrients, no protein or fat, but just empty calories that actually pull minerals from your body. Sugar is not only unnecessary, but also very, very harmful to your overall health. There has been a lot of change in the air recently as more and more people have realised the health consequences consuming sugar has. Even when the food industry is trying to hold on to the past and their paid experts advice people to eat sugar in moderation, there have been many independent, good and truthful articles about sugar recently, and especially about the role food industry has played when nutritional guidelines blaming fat instead of sugar were decided long time ago.

I believe that many people no longer believe in these false guidelines as it is clear they produce much more illness than health. Sugar leads to heart disease, tooth decay, fatty liver, cancer and many other illnesses and it is extremely addictive. You are much better off without it.

I always talk about the importance of cooking yourself rather than relying on anything ready, or even half-ready- made. It is because you can find sugar everywhere, salad dressings, ketchup, breakfast cereals, absolutely everywhere.  Food industry does not work without sugar. But the fact is that sugar being so common, “normal”, does not make it any healthier. Actually, the popularity of sugar is costing taxpayers millions every year in the cost of dental care alone, not to mention many other illnesses.


When I returned to the UK after many years, I was shocked to see how much people of all ages, but especially young people and children eat sugar. Every day. From early morning until they go to bed. Cereals, snack bars, factory made bread, biscuits, ready made meals, yoghurts… Absolutely shocking. I had never seem young adults with so many health problems either or rotten teeth. Why so much sugar?

Not only does sugar damage our vital organs, liver, heart and brain, but sugar also shows on your skin, just like alcohol or cigarettes do. Raised insulin levels, caused by over consumption on carbohydrates including sugar cause swelling, and decreasing in the levels of certain hormones which reduces the amount of collagen on your skin. This means that sugar causes you to age earlier. Sugar and carbohydrate -rich diet is the reason for obesity and it also lowers your immunity.

Why would you then eat sugar? I believe most of us eat sugar because of it’s highly addictive properties. Sugar mostly means a mixture of glucose and fructose, but also dextrose, found in many sausages such as salami, sucrose, different syrups such as corn syrup are all sugar.

Artificial sweeteners are no better. They both keep the cravings up by making it very hard for you to  eat sensibly, but also can have some nasty side-effects. For example very common aspartame is nerve poison, actually. Agave syrup is often seen being advertised as natural alternative, but it is unfortunately very highly processed and often contains up to 80% fructose.

Stevia, in it’s natural form is a good alternative for those who want some extra sweetness in their desserts. Also raw local honey, although high in fructose is healthy in very small doses.

In my openion, there is no safe amounts when sugar is concerned. Natural sugar in fruit and vegetable is balanced with the fibre and nutrients they contain as it takes a lot longer for natural sugar to absorb from your food and so your body has enough time to deal with the sugar. Added sugar is completely different. It damages your liver, raised the levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides and causes difficult cravings towards food, addiction, weight gain and even mood swings. Sugar does to fill you up or make you satisfied, but you end up eating too much.

Consuming sugar is just a habit. Actually when you stop eating sugar, you soon notice that you don’t even miss it and could not even think about eating all those sweet things that you used to eat.

When you follow a low carb diet, you don’t feel the need to eat sweet sugary foods. The cravings just disappear. On weekend we do though enjoy many delicious, sugar-free desserts. When you don’t use sugar, you find all the natural flavours that are much better. You won’t miss sugar.

For example, why not try our easy apple crumble:

Apple crumble

4 apples

small amount of good apple juice

1 dl almond flour

1 dl coconut flour



Slice the apples and place into a well buttered oven pan. Add some apple juice, just enough to cover the bottom of the pan and place the pan into the oven (170 degrees) for 10-15 minutes. Take out of the oven and sprinkle with the almond and coconut flour, cinnamon and lots of cold butter shavings. Return to the oven for another 20-25 minutes, until golden brown. Serve with thick yogurt or double cream.







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Warm welcome to my blog. I’m Hanna, a nurse and also very passioned about healthy nutritious food and how it affects our overall health and wellbeing, both physical and mental. Eating right is the most important thing you can do to stay healthy. Not just cutting down sugar, grains and excess carbohydrates, but also choosing nutritious and good quality foods, such as good vegetables, berries, herbs and spices, is extremely important. I try not to forget stress management and healthy exercise either.

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